Vaccine Quality Control Unit mandates

As part of its Mandate, the Vaccine Quality Control Unit provides International Independent Quality Control of Veterinary vaccines produced in Africa and those brought into Africa; Facilitate the standardization of veterinary vaccines production and harmonization of their quality control techniques in Africa; Promote the transfer of appropriate vaccine production technologies in Africa and also Provides training and technical support services to veterinary vaccines and quality control laboratories as part of its core mandates.

Quality Control (QC) Laboratory

The Quality Control Laboratory is divided into the following sections:

  1. Bacterial Vaccines QC laboratory
  2. Viral Vaccines QC laboratory
  3. Media preparation Laboratory
  4. Tissue Culture laboratory
  5. Vaccine Seed Repository Room
  6. Stores
  7. Wash up section
  8. Laundry section
  9. Decontamination Room
  10. Shower and Rest Room

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