1)Please Download and  fill in  the Submission form on a computer
2)print application form below, Sign and  email or send to our Po. Box address 

AUPANVAC Submission Form Of Vaccines For Vaccines For Quality Control


  • Request for vaccine quality control: All laboratories should send formal pre-shipment request to AU-PANVAC before the submission of any veterinary vaccines for Quality control.
  • Document submission: Clients are mandated to prepare and send all necessary shipment documents (Submission Form, in House Quality Control Results, Certificate of Origin, NonCommercial Invoice, Certificate of Analysis, Packing List, and Export Permit) and copy of airway bill.
  • Sending samples: When the import permit is obtained, AU-PANVAC will notify the client to send the samples. Laboratories should send adequate samples (20 vials for live vaccine and 10 vials for inactivated vaccines) with proper packaging and Cold-Chain maintenance. All vaccine shipments must be accompanied with the Original copies of the shipment documents.
  • Use of courier: Clients must ensure to use a reliable Courier Service that will ensure the integrity of the samples are maintained during shipment and upon arrival.
  • Alerting AU-PANVAC: Clients should send the tracking number and airway bill number of the samples as soon as the samples are shipped to enable AU-PANVAC keep track of the movement of the samples.
  • Address: The African Union, Pan – African Veterinary Vaccine Centre (AU-PANVAC).
  1. O. Box 1746, Tel: +251 11 4338001, Fax: +251 11 4338844;    Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

  • Enquiries: all submissions should be copied to all the emails below:
    1. Nick Nwankpa: AU-PANVAC Director;

   Tel: +251 921784995; +251 923775982

  1. Mis Yordanosse Legesse: AU-PANVAC Secretary; Tel : +251911303441

  1. Ms Ethel Chitsungo: Senior Veterinary Vaccine Officer
; Tel: +251913547118

  1. Gelagay Ayelet: Quality manager   ; Tel: +251911642247

Note: The normal hours of operation for AU-PANVAC is through Monday to Friday, 7:30-16:00