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  Quality Policy Statement    


The Pan African Veterinary Vaccine Centre (AU-PANVAC) of the African Union is committed to provide international independent quality control service for veterinary vaccines produced in and imported to Africa. In addition, AU-PANVAC is committed to the Production and distribution of essential diagnostic reagents for animal disease surveillance and diagnosis. AU-PANVAC strives to enhance customer satisfaction by fulfilling the requirements of ISO/IEC17025: 2017 and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


It is the policy of AU-PANVAC to provide quality services and products that are accurate, reliable, repeatable, compliant and consistent with international requirements and regulations. In order to address all of our clients concerns efficiently and effectively, AU-PANVAC will constantly review and improve its performance where necessary to ensure that the expectations of its clients are met.


AU-PANVAC shall at all times operate according to International Quality Assurance standards and maintain the necessary Quality Approvals consistent with this statutory requirement. In pursuance of this, AU-PANVAC shall maintain organizational and technical excellence through the constant evaluation and assessment of its quality and Procedural Systems.


The management is fully committed to the implementation of the quality system and shall ensure that all policies and practices detailed in the quality system are fully understood and implemented. In line with the overall compliance policy, AU-PANVAC maintains and continually improves the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through provision of international standard service and products, use of appropriate technology and customer feedback as well as involvement and development of employees.

Dr. Nick Nwankpa


    Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision



To build a Recognized Reference Center in the international arena for Vaccine quality control, technology transfer, production of diagnostic and surveillance reagents and capacity building, driven by and for African professionals.


To Promote the use of good quality vaccines and reagents for the control and eradication of animal diseases in Africa.


We are mandated to :

Provide International Independent Quality Control of Veterinary Vaccines produced in Africa.

Produce and distribute essential biological reagents for animal disease diagnosis and surveillance.

Facilitate the standardization of veterinary vaccines production and harmonization of their quality control techniques in Africa.

Promote the transfer of appropriate vaccine production technologies in Africa.

Provide training and technical support services to veterinary vaccines and quality control laboratories.