Biological Reagent Production Unit

The activities carried out by the Biological Reagent Production (BRP) Unit are related to the following two mandates of AU-PANVAC:

  • Produce and distribute essential biological reagents for animal disease diagnosis and surveillance
  • Provide training and technical support services to veterinary vaccines and quality control laboratories


Biological Reagent Production (BRP) Unit activities are carried-out using the following facilities:

  • BRP Laboratory
  • Molecular biology Laboratory
  • Laboratory Animal facilities

BRP labratory

A specific laboratory is dedicated for BRP-Unit activities. This laboratory is divided into eight sections:

Freeze drying section (Figure 8

Fig 1: Culture and storage of Non-infected cells section.

Micro biology

 Molecular biology section (Figures 9. and 10) equipped for PCR techniques (classical and Real-Time PCR) and recombinant protein characterization (Protein electrophoresis and Western Blot) is used by the two units, BRP Unit and Vaccine Quality Control Unit:


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