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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A joint mission to AU-PANVAC was conducted by the general director and the head of vaccine service IRED, Dr. Mahamat Moussa Yacoub and the President of the wholesalers’ association and Director General of SOPIVET company in Chad, Dr.Tahir Hamdam Alfil. IRED is the National Veterinary Vaccine Production laboratory while SOPIVET is a veterinary input distributor services in Chad.

The two held discussions with the director of PANVAC on support to AU Member States on the use of good quality vaccines for the eradication of animal diseases.  The team informed the PANVAC Director that a major requirement for the use of Veterinary vaccines in Chad is the provision of PANVAC’s certificate of analysis for every batch of vaccine used. They expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by PANVAC and promised to support the activities of PANVAC in Chad. The Director PANVAC on his part thanked the team for the visit and assured them of PANVACs determination to continue to support Chad in building capacity for the production and use of good quality vaccines. The Director applauded the efforts of the Government of Chad working together with the private sector to ensure that only good quality vaccines are used in the Country. The director indicated that the system put in place by Chad if emulated by other countries will contribute immensely towards controlling most of the animal diseases currently ravaging Africa. At the end of the visit, the Director presented souvenirs of PANVAC to the team.

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